Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Focus on Creating Value in The Life of Others

I got email from Adam khoo after i submit his website, Adam khoo is my role mode of entrepreneur. There is some book of Adam khoo that i've read (master your mind, design your destiny and resume secret of self-made millionares). Please read it.

Your level of wealth is a reflection of the value that you create in the world. Focus on creating value in the life of others, and wealth will flow into your hands. If you just focus on making money, it will never come to you.

Ask yourself this question, 'How can I help the people around me solve their problems and achieve their goals?'

If you can find a way to help people get what they want, they will pay you for it. If you can help your boss or company get what they want (i.e. higher profits), then you will be rewarded for it.

Why is Bill Gates the richest man in the world? This is because Gates has created the greatest value in the world. Because of Microsoft products, millions of people have been able to work more efficiently and achieve their personal & business goals.

Focus on serving people first and give them what they want. When you do that, I can guarantee you that will create a lot of wealth in your life. Create value for others and you will create wealth.

Talk to you soon!

Adam Khoo


aroengbinang said...

it's perfectly true; people will run away if they suspect that we will take money out from their pockets.

Firdaus HM said...

thanks aroengbinang for coming.
yes definitely right, i'm the one who will do it. insya Allah, amin3x

Name : Try atmojo said...

Salam kenal Mas Firdaus ..
Wellcome di komunitas bisnis paling seru & saling menginspirasi.
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